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Clipperz – password manager

You’ll need LAPM and both the GitHub core and Python GitHub packages installed, so if required

sudo apt-get install python-git git

1 Download the GIT package to a working directory (eg your home dir)

git clone http://git.whoc.org.uk/git/password-manager.git

2 Change directory into the download and build a deployable version

cd password-manager
./scripts/build clean install debug --frontends beta delta gamma --backends php

3 Move the contents of target/php to your web directory

mv target/php /var/www/html/clipperz

4 Create database

mysql -u root -p
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON clipperz.* TO 'clipperz'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'clipperz';

5 Update the config with your database details

vi /var/www/html/clipperz/configuration.php

6 Initialise the database – Browse to


and click on POG me up, then Proceed
The POG interface will allow also a very basic access to the DB data that may be useful to check that the application is actually writing something on the DB (even if you will not be able to make much sense out of the data you will see, as they are all encrypted!)
More information about building the PHP backend may be found in the doc/install.php.txt file.
7 Remove the ability to access the database via the web

rm -fr /var/www/html/clipperz/setup

8 Browse to website and start using, eg


gitHub link: https://github.com/clipperz/password-manager

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